Uniqball, besides peculiar look the UniqBall features not one but two ballheads in one. More is always better right? That seems to be the case with the UniqBall which comes out of Hungary. The idea behind the two ballheads are both ingenious and a bit cumbersome at the same time – Use one ballhead for leveling and use the ballhead within the ballhead for panning and tilting your gear up to 600mm F/4 or heavier as the largest version the UniqBall UBH 45 supports up to 40 kg´s. The premise is that this is a better and easier solution than the almost ambiguous leveling head / Gimbal most Nature Photographers possess. But as the UniqBall still is a ballhead does it suffer from the same issues as a regular ballhead? Professional Nature Photographer

Glenn Bartley reviewed one out on a recent trip to Ecuador and was kind to share his opinion of it on Youtube for everyone to enjoy. Is the UniqBall the Jack of all trades and master of none?:


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