Mission-critical access is what Lowepro promotes the ProTactic series on their website. While the backpack is aimed for photography and not for tactical use you can’t help notice this clearly draws inspiration from tactical backpacks.

Loads of options


The Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW is definitely a sweet looking backpack and easily holds most of your equipment. As aforementioned there’s no doubt this pack draws heavily inspiration from tactical backpack with the Molle-styled webbing all over the pack. Lowepro does not call it Molle and use their own term “Sliplock” but I can tell you for a fact it’s so close you wouldn’t be able to tell much difference – Which is a good thing! – That means you have, besides all the Lowepro accessory pouches and lens pack, access to a plethora of back, locks, webbing and so on and so forth.
Interesting enough a MUST-HAVE feature on tactical bags on this one-day patrol size, the water-reservoir is clearly absent. One could argue that water and camera gear doesn’t match well but that could easily be addressed by making the water-reservoir chamber waterproof. It seems Lowepro included everything else so why they left this one out is a bit boggling.

Mission-critical access


An area where the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW more than delivers is access to the camera compartments. Besides main access which you’ll gain from the back of the pack there’s also access to the lower area of the main compartment and where you’d usually store the heaviest equipment like the camera-body plus attached lens. And it doesn’t mater if you’re a lefty as myself and you have both options.
Watch the view review for a more detailed look both on the compartments as well as the support this bag offers 🙂

Awesome looking backpack!


There’s no denying it. Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW is easily one of the most awesome looking packs, clearly resembling that on an Operator. That no-nonsense, tuff to break look with the, a dare I say macho webbing all over, this pack clearly aimed at the male audience. If you look at some of the more popular EDC bags on the market it’s obvious what Lowepro was gunning (pun intended) for. A quick Google search should give you a hint. – You might argue that a photographer also shoots with his or hers gear so there’s probably the connection Lowepro what trying to do. Either way love the look not too sure my girlfriend would.


There’s no denying of this is an awesome bag with a few hiccups. The look is second to none, all the possibilities you can do with the Molle style webbing is endless. Awesome pack as long as you don’t stuff it with too much gear!


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  1. Hey there, nice review, thanks!
    How is this bag holding up 1yr later?
    Any major issues that surfaced after more use?



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