The Sirui RX Reporter X series is the top-of-the-line carbon fiber tripod with all the bells and whistles you would come to expect from a high-end tripod. But is it any good?

Admittedly the title may have given away my thoughts on the Sirui R-5214XL. So here’s my reasoning why so.

Never buy a low quality tripod! – You’ll regret it forever.
When dealing with large telephoto lenses you need to look for the very best. There’s no reasoning in buying a $8000 500mm F/4 lens and then putting it on top of a $99 tripod. It an accident waiting to happen and despite the manufacturer claims the tripod can carry a certain degree on load, you HAVE to take it with a gain of salt and a large one at that too.
A flimsy tripod may have the ability to sustain the load in ideal conditions but as soon as you move it outdoors and use it with a gimbal or video-head chances are you’ll find it bending and twisting all over the place.
A rule of thumb that applies to almost any manufacturer:
Find the claimed maximum load rating and divide it by 3 and then you have the somewhat correct rating in ideal conditions. If you divide it by 4 you’ll find the true work load under stress in any giving situation.

Another thing you would want to avoid especially when dealing with large telephoto lenses are risible center-columns. No tripod is better than the weaker link and a risible center column is, on almost any tripod on the market THE number one reason the camera / lens combination is stabilized less than it should be. So when using large photo gear the rule is; flat base tripod good, $99 center-column tripod bad 🙂

The Sirui R-5214XL IS a flat base tripod – The first plus point!

Sirui R-5214XL height

Why would I need a 200cm tripod?

Truth is you probably don’t if you only think about your own height. A higher tripod is also a more versatile one than a short and much needed aid in situations where you find yourself on higher ground than the you own height or when the tripod legs are spread flat out 90 degrees as the tripod covers a larger area. In certain situations this can be a lifesaver. – Height equals instability in which there is some truth, but with a tripod as large and beefy as the Sirui R-5214XL the oversize height makes some difference in a positive direction.
The Sirui is a 4 section tripod meaning the minimum height is a mere 69 cm which is given the size of the R-5214XL is impressive. It weighs a mere 3 kg’s which for a tripod of this size is impressive!

Sirui R-5214XL lock

Legs for days

What good is a tripod if the legs are as sturdy as diamonds and the locks are as brittle as ceramic you might ask. Luckily this Sirui is fitted with oversize locks that grips over a large area. This makes it much harder to bend, twist or turn and a feature you’ll appreciate in harsh conditions
If you want to lock the legs all is takes is a slight twist and you’re all set. Gone are the days where you could twist for an eternity before the lock finally engaged, half a turn is more than enough.
Did I mention how well made the Sirui R-5214XL is? – Just look at that carbon fiber pattern, an impressive 10 layers of it!
I’m sure Sirui takes pride in that.

Sirui R-5214XL YB-75A Leveling halfbowl

Must have accessory? – Leveling head!

Definitely the most important accessory anyone could ever buy when using a flat base tripod and a gimbal-head is a leveling head. Thankfully Sirui makes the brilliant 75mm Sirui YB-75A leveling half-ball that kicks whatever Gitzo or Manfrotto equivalent out of the park (Have been using both for ages). The adjustment arm is SO much easier to use than the competition due to its size and form.
A leveling head is a must when using a gimbal because the gimbal requires balance around the nodal point in order to work with gravity. Otherwise It’ll just dangle to whatever side you tripod is leaning and render the gimbal otherwise smooth operations cumbersome and pointless.


The greatest tripod Sirui’s ever made – Easily!
Lone gone are the days where Gitzo was the go to brand on carbon fiber tripods and other brands where considered sub-par – The Sirui R5214XL is the definitive proof!

The tripod could support my 8 kg lens and body combination with EASE and I’m sure you could add 5 kg’s without too much hassle. The leveling ball-head was a blast to use and overall this Sirui tripod impressed me more than I expected.

Awesome tripod!

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  1. Awesome reviews Tobias love the website. I’ve read your review on the sirui m3204x originally, and now it’s known n3204x, so I narrowed down my search too the sirui r4214x or the n3204x. my question is the build quality of the new sirui rx series worth the extra cost for me when the heaviest lens I own is a canon 70 200 2.8 ii? How superior is this new model vs the old m3204? What I need out of a tripod is stability no introduction of vibrations and something that can get down really low, and also something that will last me without worrying about it for the long term.

    • Hi Sebastian

      Thank you for the kind words, means a lot!

      Unfortunately I can’t really comments on your question other than speculations as I’ve not tried the n3204x BUT the m3204X is more than sufficient for the 70-200 so if the price is right for you and the cost is lower by a larger margin I’ll say go for it

      Do note that if you’re planning on buying something as large or larger than 500mm F/4 I would go for a flat base tripod!

  2. J E Perez E Reply

    Dear Tobias.

    I have just bought the same tripod but the shorter version, after trying in different scenarios my finding are :

    1) Overall the tripod looks well made, attention to detail is god.
    2) The carbon legs are not as stiff as a 6 layers leg from a well know manufacturer made 10 years ago, it seems that in spite that Sirui claims that it is a 10 layer carbon webbing, not all the carbon fibres are born equal, the material looks considerable softer and flexible being the tripod very prone to vibrations.
    3) The rubber feet have god grip but the material use is soft, being this another cause of being unstable, it looks as if the tripod is seated on jelly.
    4) All metal parts are very well made and the finishing is very good.
    5) The stainless steel spikes provided are good but I think that for soft ground longer spikes will be more desirable.
    6) In the design of the lower legs there is not provision to avoid the entrance of water into the lower leg tube, this can be easily fixed, in fact I will do some modifications to avoid it.
    7)My conclusion is that Sirui has to pay more attention to the quality of the carbon fibre legs and conduct dynamic test to reduce vibrations. Vibrations and resonance can be triggered by the flip of the mirror the wind or even occasional knock.

    I would like that other users give me their opinion over the pros and cons above described.


    J E Perez E

    • Hi Tobias for your positive review and for your constructive feedback JE Perez,
      The whole tripod purchase process seems vaguely challenging. I thought I had settled on the SIRUI PRO TRIPOD R-4213X CARBON FIBER HEAVY DUTY TRIPOD until I read the post purchase experience of JE Perez. Has your Sirui lasted well over the last three years Tobias? Would you still recommend it?
      Any update would be most welcome.
      I am wanting a robust tripod for seascapes, landscapes and astro photography, as well as my evolving interest in videography. I am using a Canon 1DX2 and my largest lens is the 100-400L IS II plus 1.6x converter (so approx payload of 3.5kg). I have also more or less settled on the Acratech Video Ball Head that will let me combine the pan & tilt of video with the ability to shoot panoramic photos.
      Many thanks,

      • Hi Spike

        Thank you for the reply.
        Yes I still have not only one but two Sirui tripod and with all the abuse and countless times they have been dipped and dunked in water (both fresh and salt) they’re still like new.
        I’ll say go for it, I’m not too updated on if there’s a successor to the R-4213X, if so go for that instead.

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