The new Jobu Design Black Widow Jr.3 (BWG-JR3) is a miniature full-size gimbal head designed for smaller telephoto lenses below the size and weight of a 500mm F/4 lens.

The JR3 or Junior 3 is, hence the name , the third installment from Jobu Design of their smallest “Junior series”. The differences between the old JR2 and this new JR3 are vast.
At first glance it looks very much like the bigger Heavy Duty 2 (HD2) just in a much smaller scale and weight.

Perhaps one of the most famous telephoto zoom lenses is the now discontinued Sigma 50-500mm EX HSM. For a long time this was the de facto standard in how much technology and sharpness you can put into a 10x optical telephoto zoom lens – At least for the DSLR market.

The 50-500mm focal length range is still unique and to this date Sigma is the only one who have this type of lens in their repertoire.

With this new 50-500mm F4.5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM length Sigma added a couple of things the most important being the OS or optical stabilizer.