Canon EOS 7D Mark II SENSOR Review by Roger N. Clark



“It’s the same sensor as the Canon EOS 70D”, or “It’s based on sensor technology that’s 10 years old”. You’ve probably heard these statements a million times in the last couple of years. “The sensor is at least 2 stops behind the sensor in my Sony A6000″. There’s almost no end to the Canon bashing in the forums these days, implying Canon’s technology is outdated and obsolescent. Rarely if ever do people actually know what truly goes on behind the plastic on a DSLR on an electronics level and understandably so. … Read more…

Canon 7D Mark II vs 7D – Review by Glenn Bartley

Glenn in Churchill - Copyright Glenn Bartley

Glenn in Churchill – Copyright Glenn Bartley

I’m sure you’ve seen or read the plethora of reviews of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II so far. But a few is a thorough as this one by Glenn Bartley.
Glenn covers most of the autofocus functions and compares it to the older EOS 7D.
If you’re into buying the Canon EOS 7D Mark II this review and conclusion is one you don’t want to miss. … Read more…