Zenelli KEVLASS-Z Gimbal Head review

In the world of photography support and accessories the Zenelli Kevlass-Z gimbal brings something new to the table. Sure it’s a gimbal like the plethora before it, but the Zenelli KEVLASS-Z is the first one made out of Kevlass which is a woven mixture of kevlar and glassfiber. Is the $899 pricetag the comes with the Kevlass-Z a reasonable price for this new technology? Watch the video and find out. Images after the click 🙂

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Bird Photography Tips for the Serious Photographer @ B&H Event Space

Join Arthur Morris and Denise Ippolito for the hour and a half journey, as they share the methods and techniques that they have developed and used for the past few decades. You’ll find tips and trick to create dramatic, sharp, well-composed, properly exposed images of a great variety of avian subjects and wildlife, all while visiting many of their favorite bird photography locations on the planet.