Pentax 645D


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  1. Tobias Hjorth Reply

    Thank you so much Bruno. The detail in the original photo is something else which kinda get lost in this web version.


  2. Bruno Ázera Reply

    The new Nikon D800 looks very good too for this type of work, that 36mp sensor is awesome!
    I bought the Canon Mk3 🙂

    • Tobias Hjorth Reply

      I agree I would expect it to be just as capable in some areas. Did you buy the 5D Mark III? – How do you like it so far.


  3. Bruno Ázera Reply

    In terms of image quality, I don’t see much diference from ISO 100 to 800, but when you go above, I can see some improvements. The autofocus is great! I always shoot with Ai-Servo, but when I had the Mk2, I wasn’t that satisfied… its a huge leap.
    As you know, I do a lot of HDR. With the MK3, I can have a lot of different Braketing shots, from 1EV to 3EV. Love it 🙂

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