Tobias Hjorth´s hobby and general interest for photographing birds and other wildlife evolved immediatly after he purchased his first consumer telephote – The Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens.

“I was looking for a larger zoom area and even more so a longer focal length. After reading various reviews it became clear that this lens was a must have and a huge upgrade from the standard wide-angle zoom lens –
I was hooked the minute I unwrapped the box it came in. I remember thinking this lens was huge and heavy – Quite funny to think back on.
A couple of pigons flew by and I nailed the focus, thanks to a great deal of luck, thinking that this was more lens that I would ever need.

Today I use a much larger Sigma 300-800mm F5.6 super telephoto zoom and my interest has turned into passion.”

Tobias lives in the Denmark enjoying his passion and the great outdoors.

“I feel that every photo I take I learn a bit more about photography and a lot more about mother nature.”

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